Spicy fried Cashews $7.70 (Contains nuts)

korean chili, lime

Tsukemania $7.70

assorted vinegar and lacto-fermented pickles

Narruto Kimchee $7.70 (Soy and gluten)

best kimchee this side of Seoul, (fish sauce recommended)

Edamame $7.70

steamed/dry fried, sea salt and lemon

Fried Shishito Peppers $7.70

lemon and sea salt

Tostones $7.70 (Soy)

smashed and fried plantains, lime, sea salt, chinese hot mustard su-miso

Curtido $7.70

Pickled cabbage and vegetable slaw

Grilled Slaw $7.70 (Gluten, soy and eggs)

Miso, aminos, kewpie Mayo, scallion, carrot

Elote Rostisado (when available) $7.70 (Eggs and soy)

miso glaze, lime, Korean chili flakes, chili lime mayo

Papas Fritas (skin on potato fries) $7.70

chili/lime/kewpie mayo, yellow mustard

Camote Rostisado $7.70

Japanese fire roasted sweet potato


Saam $14.20 / $16.30 / $18.40 / (soy, gluten and sesame)

Korean lettuce wraps, Saam sauce.
Chicken / Beef / Duck /

Crispy AF Korean Hot Chicken $16.40 (soy and gluten)

Twice fried dark meat, squishy bun, spicy or mild, kewpie mayo, cilantro

Galbi Slurger $18.60 (eggs)

Spicy ground beef patties, kimchee, smokey korean chili mayo, squishy bun

The Birria Takko $14.20 / $16.30 / $18.40 /  (soy, gluten and nuts)

Chicken / Beef / Duck /
Curtido, miso quickles, tonkatsu takko sauce, avocado sour cream, cilantro

Pot Stickers (3) $17.40 (soy, sesame and gluten)

Chicken and beef stuffed Pan-Asian dumplings with Chinese vinegar dipping sauce

Bao Bite $14.20 / $16.30 / $18.40 (soy, gluten and sesame)

Chicken / Beef / Duck
House Sauce miso, pickled cukes, spicy carrots, and cilantro


10 for $14.20 sweet or spicy or Hot Kimchi spicy



Handmade Ramen, Thick Rice Noodles, Korean Sticky Rice, Handmade Udon


Chicken $20.80 / Beef $25.10 / Duck $29.40 / Tofu $20.80


“Shonkotsu”, Vegan, Red Curry +$2.20, Green Curry +$2.20

All bowls served with soft cooked egg, ginger scallion shmaltz, tare, fresh scallion, soy braised mushroom, seasonal vegetables (optional chili oil)

Oyakodon (soy, gluten, sesame)

Japanese fried rice, mixed seasonal vegetables, fried egg
Chicken $20.80 / Beef $25.10 / Duck $29.40 / Tofu $20.80


Chefa Bowl $13.20 (gluten)
Linguini, mixed seasonal vegetables, chicken tinga, light tomato glaze

Karaage Chicken $16.50
Fried Chicken Fingers (4 pcs) French Fries

Baowow $16.50
Grilled Veal Spam, kewpie mayo, mustard-su miso sauce

Matzah Bowl

Duckfat Matzah Ball, shonkotsu broth, steamed veggies, soft cooked egg, ginger scallion duck shmaltz, soy poached mushroom, carnitas, optional chili oil
Beef $25.10 / Chicken $20.80 / Tofu $20.80 / Duck $29.40


  • Extra Soft-cooked egg $3.30
  • Extra Carnes
  • Chicken $5.50
  • Beef $7.60
  • Duck $10


Japanese Cake Donuts

with a chocolate Mole sauce
$ 8

Homemade Ice Pops

Mango or Papaya
$ 4.50